Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Metal Roofing Projects By Yourself

Why You Shouldn't Attempt Metal Roofing Projects By Yourself

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So, you’re handy around the house and pride yourself on DIY projects. While roofing can be a great do-it-yourself project for the right person, it’s not always easy to assess whether or not you should take it on yourself. Unless you’re an experienced roofer, you’ll be in danger if you don’t understand what’s involved with roofing projects, especially metal roofing. Even for experienced homeowners, attempting a project like this can be dangerous and not worth the risk. Here are some reasons you should leave your roof repairs and replacement up to the local professionals.

1. Safety

Whether installing new metal roofing or adding new asphalt shingles, these projects require working at considerable heights. Such heights put you at risk of serious accidents and health hazards. Slip and fall injuries are common when working on a roof, especially if the weather is bad or if the roof is steep. Professional roofers are trained in safety protocols and have experience working on roofs so they can do the job safely and quickly. They also have the best safety equipment, such as harnesses, ladders, and scaffolding to protect them.

2. Time

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time a roofing project can take. Not only do you need to factor in the time required for material gathering, but also the actual installation process. Professional roofers have years of experience, so they know what to expect when it comes to metal roofing and other types of roofing projects. Plus, if you’re attempting metal roofing, you would need to factor in extra time for bending metal pieces and sealing seams.

3. Skills

While you may be good with a hammer and nails, metal roofing requires a certain level of skill. This type of project involves installing metal panels, fitting metal pieces together, and sealing seams with metal flashing, which requires special tools and materials. It’s the same for other roofing materials. Ceramic tiles require cutting and placing, asphalt shingles need to be measured and installed correctly, and so on! There’s a reason why professional roofers go through certification and training. The wrong installation can cause major problems down the line, from leaks to structural damage. Installing or repairing a roof isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

4. Materials

Buying the necessary materials for a roofing project can be expensive and tricky if you don’t know what to get. Professional roofers have access to discounted materials and know exactly what they need for a job. They also have the experience necessary to determine which type of metal roofing or other material is best suited for your home and climate. While you may want a ceramic roof in a wet climate, metal roofing may be a better option since it can withstand snow, hail, and other harsh weather conditions. Professional roofers know things like this and can advise accordingly. Even if they have access to discounted materials, those materials are still professional grade. What may seem like a cheap fix can cost you more in the long run if it isn’t done correctly.

5. Maintenance

All roofs should have regular inspections and maintenance. Professional roofers know how to identify weak spots and potential problems before they become serious issues. According to Allstate, you should have a roof inspection at least once a year. Professional roofers have the tools and skills to conduct a thorough inspection and can make repairs or recommend replacements if necessary. They also know which materials and processes are best to use when making a repair or replacement, so you can have peace of mind knowing your roof is in good shape for years to come.

6. Regulations

Certain regulations must be followed when doing roofing work. They can range from building permits to zoning laws, which can be confusing for a beginner to navigate on their own. Professional roofers are aware of all the necessary regulations and can ensure your project complies with the law. Failing to adhere to them could result in hefty fines.

7. Quality

It’s difficult to assess your work quality when doing DIY roofing projects. A lack of experience or improper tools can lead to complications down the line that you could avoid with professional help from the start. Licensed roofers have the expertise and tools to ensure every job, metal roofing or otherwise, is done correctly. There are strict standards they must follow that a DIY project can’t come close to meeting.

8. Guarantee

When you hire a professional roofer, they can provide guarantees and warranties for the materials and labor. It can give you peace of mind that the job will go as planned and any future repair costs will be covered. Do-it-yourself roofing projects don’t come with the same guarantee, so any future problems are up to you to deal with.

9. Repairs

You make think a simple repair is fine to do yourself. However, a professional roofer may advise roof replacement instead. They are more experienced and can assess whether a repair or replacement is best. For example, you may have a leaky roof and decide to simply patch the hole. A professional roofer, however, will think about the age of your roof, the source of the leak, and the overall condition of your roof before going about a repair or deciding whether replacement is the best option.

10. Underlying Structures

Underlying structures within the roof may be out of sight, but they are essential for a properly functioning roof. Professional roofers can inspect these structures to ensure proper installation and function. This level of prep is something a DIY project may not be able to inspect due to a lack of experience and expertise.

11. Teamwork

Hiring a professional roofer gives you access to an entire team of experts. The quality and speed of the job will be much higher than what you can achieve with a DIY project. Professional roofers have their team to help finish the job quickly and efficiently. Even if you can recruit a family member or friend to help, doing so isn’t a good idea if none of you are professional roofers!

12. Injury

Professional roofers have the expertise and equipment to stay as safe as possible. However, since they are working, there are protections like Worker’s Comp and liability insurance to help with any medical bills if someone is injured while doing the job. You don’t have this type of security if the same thing happens to you while working on your roof. Any medical bills, hospital stays, and resulting injuries would be on you to pay for.

DIY roofing projects can be tempting but not worth risking your body and budget. Accidents or improper installation can lead to costly repairs and safety hazards down the line. Professional roofers have the experience and tools to keep your roof in great shape for years. With specializations such as metal roofing and annual inspections, you can enjoy peace of mind with a professionally installed roof. Your roof protects your home from the elements and is part of your house structure. Cutting corners will always cost you more in the end regarding money, safety, and possibly your life. Contact our local metal roofing professionals at Precision Roofing today so we can install the new roof you’ve been waiting for while you kick back and relax!

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