Why Do Some Structures Feature Flat Roofs?

Why Do Some Structures Feature Flat Roofs

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Flat roof services have become more popular in recent years thanks to more commercial building owners widely adopting that roofing style. The flat roof trend has even reached the residential real estate market. Owners of modern homes, in particular, have embraced that trend. That said, you might be wondering why flat roofs have become more prevalent. Here are some of the reasons our clients prefer flat roofs.

Flat Roofs Are Useful

Installing a flat roof over other options is recommended if you want to get more uses out of that part of your home or commercial establishment. Other roof styles don’t offer a ton of versatility. They can support chimneys and other roof structures, but that’s about it. Property owners choose bonnet and gable roofs because they like the way they look.

Flat roofs are different because they work as more than just decorative elements. The flat roof on top of your home or commercial establishment can also be a storage area. Many commercial building owners use their flat roofs to house their HVAC systems. That way, they can open up more space inside the building. You can also transform your flat roof into a garden. Put plants up there and add much-needed greenery to your home or commercial establishment. If you own a restaurant, you can arrange furniture on your flat roof and turn it into an al fresco dining area.

Flat Roofs Feature a Distinctive Design

Although the rather minimalist form of a flat roof can be difficult to see from some angles, there are property owners who love it. They like the simple appearance of the flat roof because it doesn’t take attention away from the other elements of their home exterior. It can be a complementary design element, and that’s what they want it to be. If you’re looking to reduce the visual impact of your roof, it’s hard to go wrong with flat roof services.

As we noted in the introduction, many modern homes also feature flat roofs. Flat roofs work well with that design scheme precisely because of their minimalist appearance. Other roof styles don’t mesh as well with the concepts that define that design scheme. You should also consider completing your property with a flat roof if you want it to stand out. Homes with flat roofs are still somewhat rare in residential neighborhoods. Turn your home into the jewel of your neighborhood with the help of flat roof services. Be the trendsetter in your neighborhood that inspires more experimentation.

Flat Roofs Are More Affordable Than Other Options

The commercial building-flat roof pairing makes more sense after considering the costs involved in installing that fixture. Flat roofs are significantly more cost-effective than other roof types. They are more affordable installations in a few ways.

For starters, the material costs associated with flat roofs are generally lower. You need fewer materials to set up a flat roof compared to A-frame or gambrel roofs. Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from those savings. However, commercial property owners will likely benefit more, given how big those establishments tend to be.

Property owners can also save with flat roofs because they are easier and faster to install. Entrepreneurs should also take a keen interest in the cost-effective benefits of flat roofs because of the opportunities they provide. You can complete your office building faster by choosing a flat roof. Choosing that flat roof is the right move if you want to start your business operations as soon as possible.

Flat Roofs Can Be Energy-Efficient

Whether you’re constructing a residential or commercial property, it’s good to be mindful of its carbon footprint. You don’t want to build a structure that is a massive drain on your neighborhood’s energy sources. To avoid that problem, you should top off your new building with a flat roof.

A flat roof that utilizes TPO roofing can significantly reduce your property’s energy consumption. According to TPORoofing.org, TPO roofing membranes were introduced in the 1990s as energy-efficient alternatives to PVC. They help reduce energy consumption by reflecting heat. You won’t have to use your HVAC system as much because the TPO membrane is already lowering the amount of heat that enters your property.

TPO roofing isn’t your only option if you want a flat roof that keeps heat away. Numerous other materials used to create flat roofs can also reflect heat. If warm weather is more common in your neck of the woods, building a flat roof can save you quite a hefty sum that would have gone toward your energy bills.

Flat Roofs Are Better Suited for Expansion Projects

With your family or business growing, the need to add more space to your property has become obvious. Since the area surrounding your home or commercial building is already occupied, your only option may be to build an additional floor. Of course, building an additional floor is easier said than done. Before starting that project, you must first check if the building can support it.

Weight management is critical in those types of projects. Construct an addition with too much weight, and you could damage your foundation. Flat roofs work great in scenarios where you’re trying to expand the amount of space a building can offer without adding excessive weight. They are lighter than other roof types, so they will work if you’re already brushing up to the upper weight limit.

Flat Roofs Can Handle Drainage Well

Thus far, we’ve focused on why flat roofs are better than other options. What we haven’t touched on yet are the main issues these roofs have. Chief among those issues is drainage. Many people assume that flat roofs collect rainwater instead of shedding it.

Rainwater will only be an issue for your flat roof if you don’t invest in a drainage system. Because a flat roof doesn’t take up a ton of space, you should be able to install a drainage system underneath it. Flat roofs paired with drainage systems work even better than other roof styles when it comes to dealing with rainwater.

Flat Roofs Are More Accessible

You should also work with flat roof services if you want the top of your property to be highly accessible. Walking on a sloped roof is tricky and potentially dangerous if you don’t know where the soft spots are. Due to the way they’re designed, soft spots are less common on flat roofs.

Flat roofs are better suited to accommodate people. They can also support whatever pieces of equipment you might want to keep up there. If you’re worried that your flat roof sustained damage from a recent bout of bad weather, you should have no trouble checking it. The same cannot be said for other roof styles. That said, it’s important to reach out to professionals for regular inspections as some damage can be difficult to spot by the untrained eye.

Flat roofs are becoming more common in both residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. Given the benefits these flat roofs present to property owners, it’s hard to see that trend reversing anytime soon. Are you interested in the benefits of having a flat roof? Contact our team at Precision Roofing today, and let’s complete your property with that highly beneficial addition!

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