Great Reasons to Choose a Flat Roof

Great Reasons to Choose a Flat Roof

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When you’re getting ready to build a new property, one of the big debates can be whether to top it with a flat or pitched roof. While pitched roofing on buildings adds to the “curb appeal,” it doesn’t fit the needs of everyone. This is why some business owners opt for a flat roof when they talk to a roofing company. A flat roof may seem a bit unorthodox, but there are some good reasons to choose it. For some, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Here are a few reasons a flat roof may be the way to go.

Greater Utility

While a pitched roof tends to have attic space, the uses of this area are often limited to storage. A flat roof, however, opens up a wider breadth of possibilities. Perhaps you want to build a pleasant rooftop garden or even a rooftop deck on which to host events. If you talk about your plans with your roofing company, they are sure to help you create a space that’s ideal for your needs.

If you’re building your flat roof for alternative uses, you’ll want to use materials that can withstand some wear and tear. TPO membrane is often recommended by roofers for this purpose. According to TPO Roofing, an online roofing resource for homeowners, the TPO membrane came onto the scene in the 1990s as a better alternative to PVC roofing. TPO is an incredibly durable material and is designed to withstand sun rays, water damage, and tearing. Any roofing company worth its salt will offer TPO as a roofing option.

Lower Cost

Do the math and you’ll find flat roofing may end up being a more economical option than other roofing throughout your property’s lifetime. For starters, flat roofing has a smaller surface area, which means it uses less materials. You also don’t need to worry too much about using aesthetically pleasing materials, as you’ll likely be the only person who sees it! This means you can choose a material or roofing method that offers great functionality without worrying too much about how it looks.

The longer you operate under a flat roof, the more the savings will add up, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Sloped roofs tend to trap warm air in the attic and let cool air escape, and your AC system works a bit harder. Many people find the costs to be worth the aesthetics of a sloped roof, but some would rather opt for a more affordable option. Flat roofs, however, don’t present this problem, meaning you will be able to cool your space on hot days more efficiently.

When it snows or rains, you will want to make sure you have a method of clearing ice and water accumulation. You don’t have to take this task on alone. Your roofing company is happy to help you with solutions and can provide weatherproofing and materials to withstand the cold.

Quicker Projects

Another fantastic benefit of a flat roof is a shorter project timeline. When compared to other types of roofing, a flat roof installation can usually be tackled quickly without sacrificing any quality. This is a great option if you want to return to your normal routine without accommodating remodelers for a longer timeframe.

Safer Work

Roofing is notorious for being one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. This lends itself not only to the heights presented by the line of work but also to the fact that many roofers work on sloped surfaces. A flat roof presents a safer work area for not just your local roofing company, but also yourself if you ever climb up to check for damages.

A flat roof is simply easier to work on as well. Tools and materials are at less risk of falling and there is more stable ground to work on. The roofers who come to install your flat roof are sure to be thankful for the easier job.

Between the safety a flat roof presents, its low cost, and its various uses, you may be rethinking your desire to have a pitched roof. Although there are some challenges presented by a flat roof, your local roofing company can help address them. If the advantages appeal to you, reach out to our qualified experts to have it installed quickly and safely. Call Precision Roofing today!

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