Damage Control: Why You Should Let the Experts Handle Storm Aftermath

Damage Control Why You Should Let the Experts Handle Storm Aftermath

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Whether you’ve been a resident of the Greater Kansas City Metro Area for decades or just a few months, you’re probably familiar with the storms that occur here and the subsequent damage they inflict. This destruction caused by major natural disasters or even simple wind storms will oftentimes do more than just knock a few branches around. Your home is at risk for structural damage, particularly to your roofing.

A roofing company that offers a storm damage service is a great resource for preventative methods and tips when you’re looking for ways to protect your roof from an inevitable storm. Prevention, however, can only go so far, and some storms inflict damage to your property regardless of the steps you take ahead of time. So, what do you do when a storm has just rolled through and you think your roof could use some special attention? The answer is simple! Give Precision Roofing a call so we can send a team out to evaluate the damage, help you choose materials to fix the issue, navigate your insurance claims, and provide you with high-quality customer service along the way. Let’s take a closer look at how our storm damage service works!

Evaluate the Damage

The first step for every single job is to simply come out to your home, climb up on your roof, and see what exactly happened during the most recent storm. Our experts will look for broken or missing shingles, wrinkled or corroded roofing, and other signs of wear and tear. What we look for all depends on the type of roof you currently have. Following more aggressive storms, the signs of destruction are typically very obvious. However, there are instances where damage can be hard to spot, which is why you should leave the evaluation step to our professionals.

Not all damage to your roof can be identified through obvious missing patches. Another way to tell that you’ve suffered from storm damage is water stains or leaks inside your home. A roofer may ask to see inside your attics, chimneys, skylights, and vents, or simply look at your ceilings for signs of water damage. This can indicate that since the storm, your roof was damaged structurally, not just superficially, and now water is being let into your house. It’s imperative that you contact a professional immediately so that we can catch the issues in your roofing before the problem spreads to other parts of your home.

Choose New Materials

Our storm damage service is trusted by many homeowners in the area because we’re able to help repair various types of roofing after a storm. Understanding what to look for in the different material options allows professionals to help you move forward with repairs. Depending on the initial evaluation, the storm may be a hidden opportunity to completely replace an old, outdated roof. According to Forbes, more than 5 million roofs are installed on United States houses each year. Here are some of the more common roofing types that, when properly installed by professionals, can correct damage after a storm and help protect your home from future wear and tear.


This type of roofing is extremely prevalent in our country. Encompassing a greater category of shingles, asphalt is known for its energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, versatility, and more.


Typically, these shingles consist of heavy-duty fiberglass with ceramic-coated mineral granules, all packed into weather-resistant asphalt. These are some of the toughest roofing products on the market.


This roofing material is extremely durable due to its fire, wind, water, and fade-resistant properties. When a homeowner wants to take preventative measures against storm damage, this option is highly recommended.


Generally, copper roofing is chosen by those who want a low-maintenance material that will hold its own against inclement weather for many decades. Not only is copper resistant to storms, but it also holds up well against thermal changes.


Similarly to the cost-effective and low-maintenance characteristics of copper roofing, fiberglass roofing is often chosen by home and business owners because its seamless surface is less likely to be affected by water damage.

Whether you want our storm damage service to fix your roofing issues with your current roofing material or are choosing to opt for a roof replacement plan, we have the products and knowledge to complete the job. If you’re unsure about what option is right for your needs, an expert roofing professional can help walk you through the benefits and downsides of each option to help you decide.

Navigate Insurance Claims

Another reason to let a roofing company handle storm damage is something that goes beyond the hands-on corrections that are necessary. Depending on your insurance, it’s very possible that storm damage service and remediation will be covered by your policy. Fortunately, for companies like ours, we have decades of experience working alongside insurance agencies to complete a job. When you choose Precision Roofing, there’s always help close by to navigate your claim.

Upon evaluating your roofing, we will be able to fight for a fair settlement with your insurance adjuster. Those agencies can easily miss hidden damage, like the aforementioned leaks in your home. Calling our experienced team will ensure that any issues occurring below the surface are accounted for as well. This way, your claim will provide you with enough wiggle room to correct roofing problems that extend into the exterior of your home. Tackling this issue on your own will only set you up for more money spent down the road. Unnoticed roof issues tend to pop back up later.

Provide Quality Assurance

Perhaps the most important and compelling argument for letting a professional storm damage service handle repairs is the quality being presented to you. Not only will all the products have a manufacturer warranty, but all labor will be covered as well. This means that if a material has a defect and isn’t performing as it should, it will be replaced without a struggle. Furthermore, our labor warranty can provide you with peace of mind that service calls to the storm damage service for subsequent repairs within a certain period of time will be fully covered.

In addition to warranties protecting the work, partnering with a professional roofing service will give you the opportunity to choose high-quality, reliable products you may not have access to on your own. If a storm ripped off the poor workmanship and products supplied by previous DIY work, why would you want to opt for DIY patchwork of similar quality? By contacting a company with over three decades of experience along with competitive pricing, you’ll be correcting any issues from the past. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of any storm damage service worth its salt and can make a stressful time in your life just a little easier.

When you need storm damage service, leave the repairs to the professionals. If you’re struggling to find a company to work with, consider Precision Roofing! We provide residential and commercial roofing services including repairs, maintenance, and replacements. To ensure that you’re choosing the right roofers for the job, consider checking out our reviews, service pages, or gallery, or even reach out to learn more about our warranties and team members. Give us a call today. We’ve tackled storm cleanup from hurricanes and windstorms alike and have helped countless homes and businesses in the area. We look forward to helping get your property back to its post-storm, pristine condition!

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